Welcome to headchip.net, a home for the many assorted projects of Thomas Murphy.

This is a trailer for an insane documentary metafarce I've been working on.

Documentally - Trailer from Thomas Murphy on Vimeo.

This is a few minutes from my last Fan-o-tron show at the Pyramid Club (14/6/14)

This is a video from my last full "Memory Room" installation at 19 Tory St in August 2012. It also made an appearance at the entrance to "4:44 - 4:44 Party by Samin Son & the Garrett Collective".

And here's another from my 2010 show "And Nothing Stirred". That was the one with the white sound room where one could hear sound diffracting off people.

And Nothing Stirred from Thomas Murphy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Emily for running around with the video camera, and Beth for playing to it (she wasn't actually part of the show). It's a pity I didn't get more footage of the sound room working, that's a lesson for next time. And as for next time - I'd like to do something similar, but properly funded and in another town. If you have any ideas then drop me a line. Also huge thanks to Rachael Tempest, Dominic Tarr, Ed van Son and the My Galaxi Gallery for helping make the show happen.

Here's another video from my 2008 show - "Fan-o-Tron and Other Wonders", thanks to Rachael Linton for filming it on the night. It's a tray of water being vibrated by a particular audio signal, filmed from above.